Sculpting the Perfect Silhouette with DX VERVE.

DX Verve

DX Verve combines flawless precision with refined elegance and unsurpassed comfort to begin your journey towards the utmost perfection.

Brand Story

Each piece is immaculately crafted using the most opulent, sensual materials to accentuate and define the feminine curves.

The fluid lines of DX Verve are balanced with intricate, shimmering lace highlighed that adorn the bodice, a bold yet delicate feminine statement that pays tribute to the elegant Clematis bloom. Also known as the "Queen of flowering vines", the Clematis embodies the spirit of nobility and women who desires only the most exquisite things for herself.

Clematis lace adds touch of sensuality that instantly seduces and mesmerizes, juxtaposed against the lush, captivating tones of Premium Royal Brown.

DX uses Body Line Scan technology and pressure measuring apparatus to compute 3D-angles of the human body. It then determines the ideal contact force for different body parts for optimal shaping effect and comfort. Powerful computerised design software and Computer Aided Manufacturing processes then create a virtual ergonomic model with computerised data for high-speed precision-cutting of fabric. Additionally, each DX set requires 156 different stitching processes under the expertise of 81 experienced seamsters.

Feel gorgeous inside and out with DX’s dynamic lace design using advanced knitting technology from Europe. Its cotton-mingled Power Net specifically designed for different parts provide absolute comfort, elasticity and durability. Experience the power of transformation with DX and own a perfect silhouette today!

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