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tracking ůr wellness

tůw™ Smartwatch (Bluetooth 5.0)

Discover the stylish tuwTM Smartwatch from ByDzyneTM – an innovative, intelligent device specifically designed to monitor your daily lifestyle, helping you improve your overall wellness. Fitted with an intuitive touch-screen and a swappable, high-end stainless steel magnetic band.


Your personal wellness coach

We know life gets busy and despite good intentions, it’s not always easy to make healthy lifestyle choices. That’s where the tůwTM Smartwatch comes in. Consider it your personal wellness assistant, putting you in touch with your body and motivating you to reach your physical goals.

  • Fitness Dashboard
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Step & Calorie Counter
  • Stopwatch
  • Sport Mode

Additional Features with the tůw App*:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Countdown Timer
  • Heart Rate Alarm
  • Notification Messages
  • Inactivity Reminder
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Notification
  • Sport Goal Setting
  • Find Phone

*The tuw™ App is available for iOS and Android.

tůw steps forward. no steps back.

The tůw™ Smartwatch is not only fashionable, it's also highly functional with multiple sport features that will take your fitness to the next level. Step into the world of tůw and watch ůrself go.

Fitness Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your daily progress as you strive to meet your fitness goals including daily steps, calories burned, distanced walked/ran and more.


Use the built-in stopwatch feature to time your fitness activities— start, pause and stop/reset easily with one touch.

Heart Rate Monitor

Stay in your fat-burning zone and easily view your heart’s beats per minute in real-time through the intuitive heart rate monitor interface.

Sport Mode

Activate Sport Mode when you start your workout to track your activity time, calories burned, real-time heart rate and steps taken.

Additional Fitness Functions Available Through The App:

Countdown Timer

Set your desired countdown time through the App and start, pause and reset right from your tůw smartwatch– great for interval training.

Inactivity Reminder

Find yourself sitting for long periods of time? Set the Activity Reminder in the App and tůw will alert you when you have been inactive for too long.

*The tuw™ App is available for iOS and Android.

Keep a close watch

The intuitive tuw Sense technology is designed to monitor your body 24/7, while awake or asleep, through state-of-the-art sensors.

Sleep Data Monitor

Get a measurement of your nightly sleep activity including total light sleep, deep sleep and overall quality of sleep.

Additional Fitness Functions Available Through The App:

Heart Rate Alert

Set an upper limit measurement in beats per minute through the App and if your heart rate hits that limit your smartwatch with alert you.

Find Phone

Misplaced your cell phone? Simply press the “FindPhone” screen on the smartwatch and if you are connected through Bluetooth, your phone will ring.

Alarm Clock

Create a personal wake up call through the App and your smartwatch will vibrate when the alarm time you set is reached.

Notification Messages

Receive instant notifications (phone calls, SMS, Facebook, and more) directly to your smartwatch by turning on individual notifications through the App.

*The tuw™ App is available for iOS and Android.

It’s tůw time

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tůwTM Smartwatch
Retail Price:$428.58
Wholesale Price:$300.00

Experience the innovative, intelligent tůwTM Smartwatch, specifically-designed to monitor your daily lifestyle, helping you improve your overall wellness. Fitted with an intuitive touch-screen and a swappable, high-end stainless steel magnetic band.


Clock With Multiple Faces, Fitness Dashboard, Real-Time Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Data Monitor, Steps Counter, Calories Burned (kCal), Stop Watch, Sport Mode

Features with the App

Alarm Clock, Heart Rate Alarm, Countdown Timer, Notification Messages (SMS, phone, etc.), Inactivity Reminder, Bluetooth Connectivity Notification, Sport Goal Setting, Find Phone, Take Photo


• IP67 Dustproof and Splash Resistant
• Supports Android 5.1 or IOS 8.0 or Above
• Display: IPS 1.22” Color Touch Screen, 240*240
• Main Chip: NRF 52832
• Bluetooth: 5.0
• Battery: 200mAH Li-Polymer Battery
• Smartwatch front: Tempered Glass
• Smartwatch back: Polycarbonate
• Band: Stainless steel
• Quick release: Magnet is N52 NdFeB (neodymium iron boron), silicone

• Download the tuwTM User Guide
• Download the tuwTM App Guide (Coming Soon)


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